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The SDI-ME Platform

As a result of years of experience doing simulations of all sizes and shapes, we recognized that certain models and projects are not handled well by off-the-shelf software.

To fill in the gaps, we built our own modeling platform: the SDI Modeling Environment, or SDI-ME.

The SDI-ME is specifically designed to allow us to

  • Develop larger models faster
  • Do increasingly sophisticated "what-if" experiments using simulation
  • Make simulation models accessible to non-engineers
  • Reapply the best models over a longer time period

The SDI-ME is based on the power of software frameworks. A framework provides reusable designs and code that can be applied to many situations. So, instead of being limited by a single software tool, SDI can incorporate its simulations into any number of products or applications.

Having the SDI-ME frameworks in place takes the repetitive work out of building new models, so we can get your solution up and running faster, at a lower cost, without compromising on your unique needs.

The SDI-ME is made up of three frameworks:

  • A general modeling core, which provides the basic functionality of a wide range of models. It is especially strong in the area of simulation models.
  • A user interface core, which allows us to quickly build user interfaces (GUI) for a wide range of users.
  • Supply Chain Builder, the most advanced framework available for developing supply chain simulations. Originally developed using ExtendSim and now in its 10th year of development, Supply Chain Builder is the flagship of the SDI-ME platform.

SDI-ME is built on the Microsoft .NET framework, which makes it easy to install and maintain, and possible to integrate SDI-ME models inside of other computer applications.